Launch With a Landing Page

When developing a new product or business that they want to launch, people tend to think that the first step is to build a website. They figure that their idea warrants at least half a dozen pages chock-full of information. In a majority of cases, this kind of thinking will get you off-track.

What goes on that landing page will differ based on what kind of business it's for, but the core message stays the same. People aren't going to browse multiple pages of a business that isn't established yet. Grabbing their attention with a polished page that has a specific goal will net you the most future customers.

If you're still trying to validate the business idea, an explanation of what you hope to do and an email signup form to receive information when it launches is all you need. If you've already validated the idea and are gearing up for launch, letting users register to get the first product or beta access is a great way to start getting customers and revenue for the actual launch.

I've seen people with good ideas struggle to build the perfect website. They mistakenly believe that having a perfect, detailed website is what's going to make for a successful launch. Ironically, trying to build this perfect site is what causes them to fail the fastest. The site can be polished after you have customers and know who they are and why they're your customer.